About Us

The term “Board” is used in a number of ways but in essence “The Board” refers to the Australian National Square Dance Convention Board Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Board or the ANSDCB Inc.)

Initially formed many decades ago as the National Convention Advisory Board it consisted of the convenors of the last convention held in each state or area to guide existing convention committees with the task of conducting a National Convention in an advisory capacity. It had a process whereby the Convenor of the last convention in the state or area would step down and be replaced with the current convenor each year.

Over the course of many years this process proved to be worthwhile, however as time progressed along with the introduction of a manual for conducting a National Convention there was a need to make this more formal.

The Annual General Meeting (now called the Dancers’ Interest Meeting) used to be overburdened with constitutional amendments, manual changes along with a number of time consuming administrative requirements which overall made the meeting quite “boring & uninteresting”. To alleviate this the meeting approved that all this be the responsibility of the Board who had the expertise and knowledge to action all the requirements.

The Board become incorporated in 2008 and is registered Nationally, is now responsible for the selection of future conventions including overseeing the preparation and their reports along with monitoring and maintaining the following list of documents: