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Nev McLachlan

Greetings and thanks for visiting the website of The Australian National Square Dance Convention Board.
We appreciate your interest and we’d be even more interested in receiving your 
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This website is our endeavour to show dancers how and why our Board operates.
As you navigate through the various menus you’ll be able to access information about our Board Members,  the Board’s duties and responsibilities, the interesting history of previous National Conventions dating back to the first in 1960, as well as exciting news about current and future Nationals.

Contact us and we’d be delighted to guide you to and through any aspect of National Conventions which might be of intertest to you.

Nev McLachlan
Australian National Square Dance Conventions Board Inc

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The purposes of the association are to oversee the holding of Australian National Square

Dance Conventions including, but not limited to:-

  • receipt of applications (bids) to hold future conventions;
  • analysis of competing bids and determination of the most suitable bid;
  • licensing sub-committees to organise conventions on such terms as are deemed appropriate;
  • maintaining and developing, as deemed appropriate, rules and guidelines for the operation of conventions;
  • if, deemed necessary in extreme circumstances, underwriting the costs of a particular convention;
  • if, deemed necessary in extreme circumstances, taking over the organisation of a particular convention.


The term “Board” is used in a number of ways but in essence “The Board” refers to the Australian National Square Dance Convention Board Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Board or the ANSDCB Inc.)

Initially formed many decades ago as the National Convention Advisory Board it consisted of the convenors of the last convention held in each state or area to guide existing convention committees with the task of conducting a National Convention in an advisory capacity. It had a process whereby the Convenor of the last convention in the state or area would step down and be replaced with the current convenor each year.

Over the course of many years this process proved to be worthwhile, however as time progressed along with the introduction of a manual for conducting a National Convention there was a need to make this more formal.

The Annual General Meeting (now called the Dancers’ Interest Meeting) used to be overburdened with constitutional amendments, manual changes along with a number of time consuming administrative requirements which overall made the meeting quite “boring & uninteresting”. To alleviate this the meeting approved that all this be the responsibility of the Board who had the expertise and knowledge to action all the requirements.

The Board become incorporated in 2008 and is now responsible for the selection of future conventions including overseeing the preparation and their reports along with monitoring and maintaining the following list of documents:




Convention committees were tradidtionally under the auspices of a state body and whilst this provided some structure for the committee, it still left some ‘grey areas’ and the convention committees still had to set-up a number of separate things.
With the Board being incorporated and convention committees now set-up as sub-committees of the Board this assists the convention committees with continued insurances for their convention and the establishment of bank accounts to alleviate this being done by every convention committee.

The Board meets twice at all National Conventions, once before the convention starts and once on the last afternoon to deal with all these administrative requirement thus ensuring that the Dancers Interest Meeting can be informative to all those who attend.
Our Board must not be seen as a body which tells us how our conventions are to be run.

Do you know who the Convention Board Member are?
Below is a list of past and present board members,

Management Committee

2022 – 2023

Updated 21st April 2022

ChairmanNev McLachlanQueensland
Deputy ChairmanHoward CockburnVictoria
Executive SecretaryAnthea Matthews *Western Australia
TreasurerBev McLachlanQueensland
Archives ManagerBarbara Treharne *Victoria
Documents ManagerBarry ChandlerTasmania
MyCAV DelegatesAnthea Matthews *
Barry Chandler
Nev McLachlan
Kevin Thomas
Western Australia
Ordinary MembersKevin Kelly
Leanne Nicholson
Western Australia
New South Wales

* Denotes Associate Members


Nev McLachlanQueenslandBev McLachlanQueensland
Barry ChandlerTasmaniaAnthea Matthews *Western Australia
Kevin KellyWestern AustraliaAllen KerrAustralian Capital territory
Leanne NicholsonNew South WalesKevin ThomasVictoria
Richard MuirWestern AustraliaJason NicholsonNew South Wales
Robyn KerrAustralian Capital TerritoryHoward CockburnVictoria
`Rosalind ToddNew South WalesKaye ChandlerTasmania
Graham ElliottSouth AustraliaMike DaveyVictoria
Marilyn van SambeeckWestern AustraliaSteve TurnerWestern Australia
Barbara Treharne *Victoria

Past Members

Marion Brown (Dec)VictoriaIvan Dawes (Dec)Western Australia
Frank O'MaraNew South WalesTerry PollycuttAustralian Capital Territory
Graham Rigby (Dec)QueenslandKit SpaldingNew South Wales
Jim White (Dec)New South WalesJan WoodgetSouth Australia
Ron Whyte (Dec)VictoriaElla WhyteVictoria
David ArmstrongSouth AustraliaJohn WeatherburnTasmania
Bruce Clarke (Dec)New South WalesDavid SmytheQueensland
Leighton BloomfieldQueenslandSandra BloomflieldQueensland
Dawn ElliotSouth AustraliaGary Brown (Dec)Victoria
David ToddNew South WalesGail GuilianoAustralian Capital Territory
Jeff SeidelSouth AustraliaGordon HearneNew South Wales
Tony HooperNorthern Territory